Stop…Blogger Time!

The role of writer at DDA takes on many forms. From content development for websites to content management to ensure proper search engine optimization in content, from scriptwriting to brochure points, from medical writing to corporate writing – there’s almost no end to our position. It’s rare in today’s market to find a company like DDA that has a staff of degreed copywriters (let alone a single copywriter) to ensure your project is done correctly. After all, why should the content of your website or brochure be outsourced to someone who barely speaks the English language? Shouldn’t you just get it done right the first time?

A lot of businesses today are looking for ways to save money. Well, saving money is great and all, but if I put $1,000 under my mattress to save it, I still only have $1,000 when I pull it out. But if you invest that money wisely on advertising services with an experienced staff, that $1,000 can turn into something much much more. The simple fact is, if you don’t spend money to properly and effectively market your business or products, you’re never going to make money because no one will know you even exist. For instance, too many companies believe that by creating a basic website with some information will cause your business to explode. That may have been the case 10 years ago, but with billions of website and growing everyday, that’s just not a possibility. That’s why DDA provides the full gamut of services and has on-staff copywriters (among graphic designers, a video production team, programmers and more) to help promote your business, because we know if you invest wisely and do it right, you’ll see a solid ROI and hopefully much much more.