Streaming Video

I never thought I would be excited to say it, but who needs cable TV anymore? Computer equipment is becoming more and more advanced, and the possibilities of the Internet are growing at an alarming rate. Five years ago, I was still using a VCR to record shows that I missed. For about a year or two, I had a DVD recorder that would record TV shows on DVD. Then two years ago I finally got a DVR that automatically records everything for me. But suddenly, all this seems obsolete. Most broadcasting companies are now streaming shows online, and major outlets like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix have given online video streaming a huge boost. Add the fact that computers are now becoming household entertainment stations that can hook up to HD TVs (or stream content to TVs), there is almost no need for cable anymore.

While DDA is not (yet) streaming full length movies or television shows as the major TV stations are, we have been taking advantage of streaming video for years. We have always known that providing video in an on-demand format online is the way to go – and it’s clear that streaming video is the future. Whether you are broadcasting a live medical webcast or providing video presentations in a streaming format, DDA has got you covered. What’s more, our video studio is formatted to broadcast live in-studio shoots so that clients anywhere around the world can tune-in and provide immediate feedback. While we still offer DVD and CD-ROM development and production for all your video production and distribution needs, streaming video and on-demand services are clearly taking over.