That As-Seen-on-TV Guy

You know that infomercial guy that sells everything? I mean everything. First it was Orange Glo, then it was Orange Glo hardwood cleaner, then it was Oxy Clean, now it’s Mighty Putty – and there was a whole assortment of stuff in between. But it seems like everytime you watch a commercial, there’s that guy selling the latest product and talking about how awesome it is. I don’t know who he is, I don’t know his name, and I don’t even know if he invented those products or merely advertises them, but I can honestly say that I’m familiar with the products he advertises. I’ve never used them – or cared to (though I hear Oxy Clean does wonders in the laundry) – but I can easily recognize and associate certain products with that guy.

And whether you like that guy or not, or whether you find him annoying and overly enthusiastic, he’s probably made a fortune selling these products. Why? Because he does a great job as a spokesperson for these products. As I’ve already detailed, I can easily recognize him and the products he’s associated with. That’s truly half the battle in advertising. It’s also why DDA Video does everything, including spokesperson videos, to help get word out about your products or services. While we can’t guarantee you we’ll get that guy, we do have a large group of actors in our own network that you can choose from. Each actor has a little video you can watch along with their resumes – so finding the spokesperson that’s right for you is easy.