The Browser Throw Down

With the big news of Google releasing its own Internet browser (Chrome), it’s safe to say things have heated up. Last night it was reported that Internet Explorer accused Chrome of not having enough experience to be the country’s leader in web browsing. Chrome made an immediate response to say the Internet Explorer’s new version 8 isn’t a good change, it’s just more of the same. And back and forth they continue to go.

Meanwhile, Mozilla Firefox has been slowly etching away at Internet Explorer’s dominance over the past years and made a world record as the most downloaded software in a 24-hour period. More than 8 million people rallied around Firefox’s latest release, stating a huge claim that neither Chrome or Internet Explorer are the right choice for them. So as the battle between browsers heats up with the introduction of Chrome, Firefox supporters aren’t sure where to go. Staunch supporters of Firefox are still calling for Firefox’s nomination into the race as it has much more experience than Chrome and relies on its actions of the past and not fancy new speeches that lack merit. Firefox recently released a statement saying “Chrome claims it can part the seas and walk on water, but it still hasn’t explained exactly how it plans to do it.”

Oh Firefox, the great magicians never reveal their secrets.

Between Internet Explorer’s long history, Chrome’s promise of unification and making it easier to browse the Internet, and Firefox’s cult of followers – who knows how this race will end?