The DDA Studio

I can never really say enough for the studio here at DDA. Since moving into the new building nearly one year ago, it’s been amazing having the larger video and photo studio to work in. Everything from lighting attached to the ceiling, extremely flexible equipment, and a large amount of space makes for some great work in there. This morning I had a photo shoot for a client that has repeatedly used our design services and photography services for his product line. During today’s shoot we did everything from a single shot of the product to a full display of the product inside a display box and stacked full. Needless to say, the display shot required me to back away quite a bit and have some flexibility for the camera and tripod, but the studio easily accommodates that.

And this is nothing compared to some of the video productions we’ve done in the past. For quite a few projects, we’ve pulled out all the stops from the green screen background to a track for the camera that allows smooth camera movements. Of course, that’s on top of our high-definition camera, TV monitors, ceiling lighting, portable lighting, and more. There is even a sound booth for recording voice over work or narration. So whether you need a simple spokesperson video or a full production training video, give us a call and come see the studio for yourself.