The Facebook Woes

Apparently there is a big ordeal about a recent redesign in the Facebook community. Users were previously given a choice to upgrade to the new interface or keep the old one, but users have recently been forced to upgrade to the new look while Facebook fazes out the old. And, wow, do Facebook users seem to hate change. One Facebook user was quoted as saying “Facebook was once the classy alternative to MySpace. Now it’s the classy girlfriend you once loved, but you begin to feel distant from because she wants to move into your house and tell you what colors to paint your walls and how to arrange your furniture.” I never realized that the millions of Facebook users were able to completely customize their pages to begin with – so technically hasn’t that “distant classy girlfriend” always been around?

But anyway, there is a point to this Facebook story. For starters, your website will likely never please everyone. Different users have different styles and tastes. However, you can ease the transition with friendly color schemes and designs, intuitive user interfaces and navigation, and solid information that will help people learn. Throughout it’s history, DDA has dedicated it’s website design services to exactly that. We understand that not everyone will absolutely fall in love with your new look or style, but we can certainly present information in a way that is, at the very least, pleasing to the majority and rich with information. And while some people may not like initial change, they will eventually come around when they realize you always had the user in mind and there is no better source of information or services than your company.