The Google Submission

Submitting a new website to Google can take time and will need to be built up over time. New websites need to ask themselves one question, is my site important to anyone else? If the answer is no, you can bet that Google feels the same way and you’ll likely see little or no results. But if the answer is yes, you need to continue strong optimization campaigns until Google deems you worthy of some ranking. How long is this timetable? It’s difficult to say. But here’s what you can do in the mean time.

Come up with a strong linking campaign. The more valuable backlinks you receive from other sites, particularly from sites in your niche market, the better. Link strategies help your website become visible in the eyes of Google.

Fresh content is almost a necessity for new websites. Because you are an unestablished website, it might benefit you to create new pages of content. The more optimized content you have, the better off you’ll be for Google. Blogs are one way of keeping your site updated with fresh and new content.

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