The Maine Trip

I’m back at work for the first day since heading to Maine for a video shoot. Jake and I left Friday afternoon for Maine, prepped for a Saturday morning shoot and then hustled to return to the airport to catch our flight home. As far as travel goes, it went as smooth as you can imagine – no major delays or incidents.

The day of the video shoot went fairly smooth as well. We filmed outdoors with a beautiful mountain background that made the client claim was staged. But as serene as the background was, the occasional plane or passing car was picked up through the microphone and we were forced to re-shoot a few clips. But that was the extent of any “problems” we encountered and will not hinder the final product.

When we arrived to the video shoot, the client was astounded that DDA offered full video services and that we worked here. But that’s to be expected as most people don’t realize that a full-service, completely integrated advertising company exists. But it does, and DDA’s been doing just that for 14 years.