The Places We Go

Tomorrow I am off for an on-location photo shoot taking place in the heart of Pennsylvania. I have our professional lighting, digital SLR camera, tripod, and other photographic accessories packed and ready to go, and for half a day our photo studio will be stationed somewhere else. I have taken this equipment north to New York, south to Baltimore, (south) east to Delaware, and now I’m completing the spectrum by taking it out west in PA.  It just goes to show you that DDA truly does have the right equipment to go anywhere at anytime and photograph (or video) at your location. We know that photo shoots aren’t always as simple as you bringing in products or shipping things to us, so we are prepared to get all over (north, south, east, and now west!) without costing you a loss in quality. The photographs we take out there are nearly identical to the ones we take here, and the result is always the same – high quality professional photographs.