The Promising Products

Every now and then, DDA receives a project to help promote a new product or device that has real promise of doing a lot of good in the world. One of our more recent video productions with extensive 3D animation was for a product called WoundStat, which stops bleeding in severely damaged arteries with no harmful side effects. The product and video was catered to military use, showing how easy the product was to apply and how it almost instantly stopped the bleeding. You can view this video in our video portfolio at DDA Video’s Training Video Production page.

Recently, we have begun work on a website design and development project for a new medical device that will soon be making some giant waves in the world of medicine. The device uses some pretty complicated science behind it, electromagnetism and neuromodulation, but it really sounds like the device has the potential to really help people.

It’s really exciting to see some of the stuff that comes through the doors of DDA and see the huge potential these companies, products, and medical devices have. I really wish I could say some more about this latest website, but we’re in the very early stages, and I’ll be sure to fill in remaining details as the project unfolds. But I can honestly say that this device could rock the world of medicine as we know it, and it’s very exciting to be part of the company that will help promote and establish this device (and others) and see it happen.