The Proofreading Machine

When it comes to proofreading content, whether for websites, brochures, video text, or anything else, there has yet to be something that surpasses the human eye. While many programs have good spell checkers in place that place a little squiggly red line underneath misspelled words, or long green lines under sentence fragments, it’s still not enough. If I mean to use the word “seem” and type out “see” – most programs won’t recognize that the word doesn’t belong. It may be “spelled” right, but it’s still not right.

This is precisely why DDA puts everything through a comprehensive proofing process. For instance, as our team writers finish pages of search engine optimized content for new websites, another writer will proof the page. Upon approval from both writers, the content will be sent to the Client. The Client will have a chance to review the content and proof the content. Upon approval from the client one of our Web gurus posts the page online. Prior to taking the page live another writer will likely proof the page yet again, this time also checking for link accuracy. The Client will also, yet again, have a chance to review the page before it goes live.

In the end, the single page of content was checked and rechecked and rechecked again for accuracy so that you know it’s right. We cannot stress enough how important it is to proof work, because we’ve seen poorly managed websites and print materials from other companies that fail to maintain such standards. But more importantly, those materials reflect on you and your business. So when you come to DDA for anything from websites to videos and programming to graphic design, you can rest easy knowing we go to great lengths to ensure everything we do is correct and accurate.