The Technology Hiccup

Technology is a beautiful thing and has greatly enhanced the way we live and work on a daily basis. From the Internet to email to cell phones, communication has greatly opened and more information than ever is available. But of course, with all technology, comes little hiccups or disruptions. Servers can go down, reception can be lost, and other minor things can seemingly cause larger problems. It’s very likely the great flaw in our technology.

But I don’t say this to discourage you, in fact, I hope to do the opposite. Here at DDA, we understand that technology has this minor flaw and that things beyond our control may happen. However, we take every measure possible to ensure that the servers that host your websites, email, videos, or whatever, are extremely reliable. Our high-end servers include multiple backup systems, 24/7 monitoring by on-site technicians, and multiple layers of bandwidth redundancy and mirrored systems with intelligent switch to make sure you are always online. This high level of security and backups hopes to eliminate technology hiccups involving your important information and resolve that “once-in-a-blue-moon” situation.