The Thursday Blog

Today is Thursday, and it’s an extra special Thursday because DDA is closed on Monday for Labor Day – so it’s even more important that we work hard to wrap up any loose ends going into the long weekend.

At 1 today we have a photo shoot scheduled with a client of ours who makes a variety of singing snack bowls and a few other products. They are rather inventive and fun. We have been developing the package design for one of the latest products and they have another lined up for the future. Today’s photo shoot will be of around 5 of these products filled with assorted snacks or candy to show the product in use. I’m not sure if these photos are going to be used for the packaging, website, or something else – but I have no doubt they will be put to good use to sell the products. I don’t have a great deal of information about what will be featured in today’s shoot, but I am very familiar with the product and I am the project coordinator for the design work, so it gives me a great head start in what to expect.