The World of the Internet

The Internet is always advertised as the portal to the world where you can easily connect with individuals from around the world, and its true — though if it’s 2 p.m. here and I’m talking to someone living in China, I’d have to question their sleeping habits. DDA has been around since before the big Internet boom, where hundreds off dot-com businesses took off, made millions, and subsequently lost it all a few years later, and we’re obviously still here today. Throughout our long history we have been promoting our website design services, optimization specialties and the plethora of services we can provide — and the dynamics of our client base has changed with the times. DDA’s growing list of clients reach all across the United States and even throughout the world. Modern day technology allows us to actively keep in touch despite the time differences, and we’re seeing first-hand exactly how the Internet brings the world together.

Many weeks ago, the Olympics in Beijing took place 12-hours ahead of our Eastern Standard Time. However, through the power of the Internet, we could all watch those events unfold live or have unlimited access to them on-demand and watch them whenever we wanted. DDA strives to take advantage of these abilities the Internet have given us. On-demand videos, live webcasts, custom intranets, social media marketing, and more allow DDA to promote your company to not just a few local businesses or customers, but to anyone around the world looking for the products you provide.