Training Development

I was thinking about DDA’s eLearning and training capabilities and was fondly reminded of the many retail jobs I held throughout high school and college. At each of those jobs, many of which were with large retail corporations with million dollar budgets, we had the absolute worse team training. During my first day on the job they would put a giant binder in front of my face with hundreds of pages of text. I did not have to read every page, but I had to read most of it, including things like “how to operate the register”. It always seemed like a backwards approach to training. How am I suppose to learn how to do something with a machine (like a register or scanner) from a piece of paper? Wouldn’t the ideal solution be to learn by directly using the machine?

In my time here at DDA and seeing the interactive and involved eLearning programs we’ve created, I can tell this place feels the same way. We develop training programs that encourage user participation through virtual environments, video production, 2D and 3D animation, custom programming, and more. Sitting down to read a large binder of materials proved useless in my retail training days, and I always felt extremely unprepared for the job. But with DDA developing your training programs, you can be certain that we will develop unique ways to train employees, educate people, keep them engaged, and encourage high memory retention. So the next time you hire someone or need to retrain them with new processes, you won’t get stuck with a failed program like the one’s I’ve been through that leaves them completely unprepared.