Upgrading the Medical World

I’m sure everyone remembers their school days of going to the library and using the card catalog system to look up the book you need. Not too long ago, libraries everywhere found that this was an inefficient systems compared to the possibilities offered through a digital catalog system. Not only is the digital system easier for users to find the materials they need, but it is also easier on the librarians who spent hours ensuring the card catalog was ordered properly. In addition, you can now rent books from any library in your county, have them delivered to your local library, and pick the material up locally instead of having to make the drive. The electronic system revolutionized library organizations everywhere and brought a much more efficient and effective solution. And now, it seems ridiculous to think we ever lived without the electronic system.

So, can anyone explain to me why it’s taken the medical world so long to play catch up? If the library system can be upgraded and do wonders for them, just imagine what it can do for doctor’s offices, patient files and information, and efficiency of the overall office system. Just recently have we begun to see the medical world transition from paper filing and appointment books to electronic data and information. But, for the medical world, it’s simply not enough to organize like a library.

DDA Medical offers the largest variety of custom programming, eLearning, and healthcare IT solutions to maximize efficiency and help cut down the high costs of management. Electronic patient tracking information allows for organizations to bring up, send, or receive appropriate patient information to deliver the right treatment. Multiple site referral systems, like Intranets or customer relationship management software, allows niche treatment providers to get patients the right treatment anywhere in the world. We build the core programs and technical solutions to help you deal with not only the everyday management tasks, but also enhance the education and training of patients and physicians through videos, testing and accreditation, continuing medical education websites, Internet portals, health communities, and so much more. DDA is upgrading the medical world one day at a time.