Videos and More for the Medical Field

Yesterday afternoon we were able to finally complete a video shoot for a dental implant procedure. Nearly one year ago we started this project by filming the complete removal of a patient’s teeth and the preparation for implants. We then continued to film the process as it happened, including going back for measurements and molding, the fitting of temporary teeth, etc. And after some time and some complications with the new molds, we were finally able to see this filming brought to a conclusion. While the source material itself isn’t the most eye pleasing and fun to watch – it truly was fascinating to see the process from start to finish. The level of science and new technology for medical products to do such a process is just mind-blowing, and the finished result was so lifelike and real that you would hardly believe someone had all his teeth pulled and replaced.

Here at DDA, we have become accustomed to seeing the medical field grow with the projects we have for medical industry. From continuing medical education (CME) to training videos to website production to interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs, we’ve not only seen some of this work first-hand, but also helped promote it. For instance, this video we finished filming will be used by the dental surgeons to speak at conferences on behalf of the company that made the new set of teeth. While they provide facts and information about the patient and product, the video will serve to provide visual reference and show the complete transformation from start to finish. Other projects have provided information about the HPV vaccine, prostate cancer treatment, training people to use a coma scale, and so much more. To see a complete list of projects, and more, visit DDA Medical. And of course, we’re always serving non-medical fields, so also be sure to visit our corporate site.