Viral Marketing – It’s Real!

This past weekend I had spent some time on YouTube watching various clips and short movies that people had created. I have not really spent too much time on YouTube searching and viewing random videos like that, but it lead to quite the discovery. Along the way I ran into a video series that has garnered well over 1 million page subscribers and nearly 50 million views for this persons 20-some set of videos. I was amazed. The videos themselves are extremely annoying and are likely only watching by people aged 13-15, but needless to say I was still impressed by what this kid had done. So I did some further research. It turns out that this YouTube star has the most subscribers on all of YouTube. In Nov 08, it was estimated that he was making over $100,000 monthly from advertising (when he only had 600,000 subscribers, so double that amount today), he had the only licensed character created on YouTube, a line of merchandise at Hot Topic, and has advertisers lining up to have him feature their products in his videos. Not bad for a 15 year old kid with a camera.

And this got me thinking, I wonder what this kid could have done with a company like DDA behind him. Someone to create custom website designs, a search engine optimization specialist to boost his rankings in search engines, a video production team to create high quality videos with top-notch special effects, and the whole ten yards. While I certainly would not maintain that DDA can use YouTube to get you a million dollar salary like this kid, just consider how popular he became by creating short videos and nothing else. No promotion. Just viral word of mouth video. So when I consider all the things that we can do here at DDA to successful market, brand, and promote products and services, I see that there truly is no limit to what we could do and how far we can take it. If a 15 year old with a camera can manage to find success, then there’s no reason DDA and it’s powerful marketing capabilities can’t help you do the same, and even better.