Viral Marketing

Viral marketing refers to marketing techniques that utilize an assortment of social networking devices (website designs, Flash animations, photography, video productions, message boards) to promote a product or service and quickly spread word of this product. The most successful viral marketing campaigns rely heavily on mystery and trying to get people to sign up for your website to learn more. Most notably in the past, extensive viral marketing was done for the movie Cloverfield. Movie previews did not release the name of the film, only a simple blurb of intense video, and numerous websites with mysterious information about the movie were created. The marketing hype behind the movie was the driving factor to get people into the theater, and it worked. These are the great things you can do with Hollywood -funding. Likewise, there is a commercial on television that shows a delivery person carrying boxes with the brand name and website on them while a song plays in the background and no other sound is used. What the product is is a complete mystery and they hope the commercial intrigues you to go to their website. In a way, it works. But if you ask me right now what the brand name and website and website is, I couldn’t tell you. Thus, the campaign is a huge failure.

While viral marketing has shown to work in a few cases and while DDA has the resources to pull off such campaigns, we always find that successful advertising promotes and engages people while teaching them about the product or services you offer. Things like brand name recognition are extremely important. Simple and effective messages will always have mass appeal. That’s why at DDA we strive to achieve effective marketing campaigns that will absolutely draw people to you, whether through animation, video, websites, brochures, or any other advertising techniques.