Virtual Trade Show

Much of this morning was spent getting some final pieces finished on the virtual trade show project we’ve been working on. This project has grown tremendously since it first started, but the hours of hard work have really paid off. While we still have a few minor tweaks to make here or there, the tool is practically finished and is under review by the client and DDA. The depth of this tool takes it well beyond the standard and provides so much information that it may just end up better than a live trade show event! Users can easily navigate the tool, click on individual panels to get a larger view, and then make a simple click to get more information including product sheets, videos, audio samples, PowerPoint presentations, and more. The tool is so comprehensive that not only will users get more information that they could hope for, but also have an easy and fun way to find it.

But the virtual trade show tool doesn’t just stop there. Behind the tool we have a comprehensive tracking system in place to track how the users found the virtual trade show, which booths they visited, and which panels they clicked to find out more information. The client is hoping this information will provide them with a gauge to how successful different booths and panels are. Additionally, an editor has been created so that at any time the client wants to update a panel with a new image or replace an old product with a new product, they simply login to an online based editor and upload the new file with a few simple clicks. Then they can add more links and information to that panel, remove links, and make any necessary adjustments. It is a truly unique, comprehensive tool to showcase products and information.