Virtual Tradeshow Booths

This morning we met with a client that we are working on creating a virtual tradeshow booth. In a few weeks the client has a physical trade show scheduled, but asked us to create a virtual version of this trade show so that those interested, who could not attend, will be able to view a virtual version of the show online. The potential for such a project is almost limitless, not to mention is extremely cost effective. Since the creation of DDA, we have specialized in creating trade show graphics for events and videos for trade show events. But we have also realized that there is a traditionally high cost for doing trade shows, renting equipment, installation time, and the cost of flying employees and staying at hotels. Virtual trade shows hope to accomplish the same core idea of actual trade shows – showing off new products to a large group of interested people. With millions of Internet users, it only makes sense to take the traditional trade show to a new virtual environment where the user can interact with the booth and learn information about your company. As an added bonus, the Internet allows potential customers who couldn’t take time to see your trade show to get it online, and hopefully increases interest and success in your business.