We Can do That?

DDA lives by a simple rule: whatever your marketing or advertising needs, we can do it. Seriously. If I were to list our services from A to Z I would be writing this blog all day long. Here are just a few examples of extremely diverse things we’ve done here at DDA, and why our list of services is always growing:

Virtual Tradeshow: Instead of going to a tradeshow, we bring it to you. Users can travel through a complete tradeshow event in a virtual environment, download materials, see larger images, watch videos, and more. And you can track what those users click on, how they get there, what they visit the most, and all sorts of things that a live tradeshow makes impossible.

Medical Training Videos: Training in the medical world is a necessity to ensure physicians are up-to-date with the latest procedures and technologies to deliver better care. Our training videos provide engaging visuals for trainees to learn materials and then receive accreditation by completing a test or quiz.

3D Animation: Showing products and explaining how they work is easy with life-like 3D animation. What video is difficult to capture, 3D animation makes possible.

Search Engine Optimized Website Development with Integrated Video, eCommerce, and Custom Programming: What? I know. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s happened and was hugely successful for the client. We custom designed a site, integrated a video spokesperson, wrote optimized content, continue search engine marketing daily, programmed a custom eCommerce shopping cart and advanced search platform, and it’s all in one site. It’s quite the powerful site and offers the user with extensive product information, user-friendly navigation, and a positive experience to successfully promote the client.

I haven’t even begun to breach the complex levels of marketing and advertising services we offer, or the complete integration of multiple services, such as the previously mentioned super website with SEO, custom programming, and video. But one thing is certain, if you need it, DDA can do it.