Website Design – Live!

For almost a year now, we have been working through a website for a new medical device that helps treat Parkinson’s Disease. It has been a long process, and the client has gone through many content revisions, FDA regulations, and more to get the new product ready for launch, and get the website up to help promote it. Our team has spent the last two weeks or so building out the website and working very hard to complete it by today. While I am certain that we all had our doubts about how well this would go, I’m pleased to announce that it looks like we will be launching the site today! While we will have some additional updates to make post-launch, this is always one of the biggest steps during the website development process. To witness a website go from an idea in someone’s head to design concepts and drafts to complete launch is very exciting – and an great relief for both us and the client. We are proud to launch yet another custom, high quality website, and the client is proud to have a stunning online presence to help market and promote their new medical device.