Website Portals

One of our latest projects has taken quite the interesting turn of events. We were hired to update and optimize a website for someone who does airway management. He wanted to not only redesign the site, but also make it larger to promote his training courses and materials. During our initial discussions, the idea came up of creating a physician portal. A portal is a site that doesn’t just provide information, but instead provides ALL information about a topic. In this case, the physician has decided to create a website that doesn’t just sell his product, but provides a single source for all airway management information. Because he is a well-known and reliable source for airway management, he is also opting to provide product reviews about different products that will give users an unbiased opinion about what works well for each tool and what doesn’t work. While it is quite possible that his site will sell a product that isn’t his own, the physician genuinely just wants to make sure people get the right information to help save lives.

Personally, I think he’s got it right. Too many sites try to push their own agenda or try to make their own equipment sound the best, and really people are just looking for a good source of information. It is similar to the success of Progressive insurance. They built a strong foundation based on the ability to not only receive the rate of Progressive, but also see what rates of other insurance companies are. Progressive may not always be the cheapest, but you can bet they saw a big increase in traffic to their site or interest in their company as a result. The fact is, people want the simple truth.

So it’s exciting to see how this project develops. While we are only in the first stages of development, I know this site is going to turn out to be a big success for the field of airway management and training. People will appreciate the site for the wealth of honest and factual information. And hopefully this site is so successful that physicians can be better trained to treat patients and save lives.