What Color Hat is your Internet Marketing Company?

Here at DDA, we are more than proud to say that we only use ethical, white hat, search engine marketing techniques. We have been in the search marketing business for over a decade and have seen the dramatic change in the way search engines operate, how Google and the PageRank made them smarter, and how they continue to evolve everyday. With a dramatic rise in search engine optimization and online marketing since then, we’ve also, unfortunately, seen many companies using you to make a quick buck. They offer quick, short term solutions, take your money, and run – using unethical black hat techniques.

So why should you care if black hat techniques get you some quick traffic? Many reasons. For starters, the unethical practices like keyword stuffing will hurt your site more than it will help and in some cases, your website will be banned from search engines and no one will ever find you again. Secondly, most companies offering short term solutions place a few keywords into the code, ineffectively optimize your site, and then make claims the SEO just isn’t right for you.

Well, DDA has news for you – SEO is right for just about anybody. We offer very strategic, long-term growth solutions that continually drive more and more traffic to your website. And not only do we offer SEO solutions that we pioneered years ago, but also website design and development services, video services, programming and copywriting services to ensure that your website is strong and appeals to users. These are services that you just can’t get with any other SEO firm – but you can with us.