What Social Networking Does for Business

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of extremely popular social networking websites out there. Among the most famous are sites like Facebook and MySpace. Millions of users are signed up and actively using these social networking platforms and they are available to anyone – for free! That’s right, you can share information or discuss topics or make friends with an already well established social networking site for absolutely free. There’s no additional costs to you, no need for expensive programming or technical knowledge, you just sign up and start meeting people.

So what does this have to do with your business? It’s simple. Millions of users are accessible to you for the low cost of ZERO dollars, it’s like a marketing fire sale. Like most things, it takes some of your time to search users who may be interested in your products or services, but it’s still quite possibly one of the most effective and easy things to do today. Say, for instance, your company offers low-cost used textbooks for college students. Well, a lot of college students use these social networking sites already, so wouldn’t it be in your best interest to post information about your company, maybe put up a few advertisements or widgets, and get these college students buzzing about your business? All it takes is a few satisfied users to share the information with their friends through these social networking sites for the trickle down effect to begin.

Here at DDA, we recognize the significance of social networking and the impact it can have on your business. Is social networking for everyone? Not necessarily. But it can be advantageous to many companies. That’s why DDA is familiar with most social networking sites and promotion efforts such as banners and advertisements, social networking widgets and applications, and delivering the right message to users that share similar interests.