What’s New?

With a staff of degreed copywriters, DDA has the unique ability to write custom content to help optimize your website for search engines. One of the many copywriting services we offer are press releases and news articles. Why should you care about these often overlooked services? Here is how custom articles and press releases can help your website in search engine optimization:

  • Promotion. Best of all, these articles and press releases offer free promotion for your company or website. It can tell the world the various services you offer or just help explain your company. Either way, it is additional quality content that can link back to your website.
  • Back links. News sites are one of the easiest ways to gain direct links from other sites. Not only does Google rank you higher based on the amount of quality back links your site has, but it also likes when the website receives a constant, ongoing series of back links.
  • Relevance. Not only does the article provide your site with additional content to use, but it also makes your site much more relevant to the present time. If you submit multiple articles, to constant movement of updates and news releases will show Internet users that your company is relevant to today’s fast-paced environments.

There are many ways articles and news feeds can help improve your website. Let DDA and its experienced team of copywriter’s help promote you with the full variety of services we offer.