When Tuesdays are Mondays

After the excitement of the long weekend, it’s back to business at DDA. And as enjoyable as the weekend may have been, today seems to bring on crunch time to work on those projects that need to be finished sooner than later, with one less day to work. One of our latest video projects will be used for a trade show scheduled for early June. We need to be fast and efficient with this project because of the upcoming due date, and the long weekend has taken away a day to continue work. But that won’t begin to stop us from successfully completing the project in time and maintaining the quality standards we strive for here at DDA. When time becomes a factor, we don’t think you should have to sacrifice quality just to have the finished piece ready – you should have the best of both worlds.

So while today is an advanced Monday, we are all ready to resume the video editing, graphic design, programming, and copywriting projects we need to finish.