Wire Frames and Text Menus

During the planning stages of website development, it’s typical that we go through a process of creating menu structures and wire frames to begin detailing the architecture. This is a key planning stage to building any website, and one that many website design companies fail to follow through with. While we understand it may be difficult for our clients to visualize a website through text information or basic wire frame diagrams, it is an essential step. The menu, for instance, attempts to organize the website by grouping like topics together and making sure that the user would be able to easily find information and understand where to get it. For instance, if you’re an e-commerce site selling party supplies, you would want to set up your website so that users can easily find birthday supplies, anniversary supplies, holiday supplies, or whatever else you sell.

Similarly, a wire frame may be used to provide a general idea of how the website will function. It is often difficult to explain to clients functionality issues of certain sites, so a wire frame will be created to provide the initial blue prints. It will guide you through a bare bones site design to help flush out any navigation issues and help to visualize the look and feel of things. The wire frame will allow clients to see the website before our designers have to spend time designing and redesigning sites to get the functionality down. With approved planning in place, we can hand our designers definitive information about how the site should look and what it should do, and they can focus on making the most fresh and unique designs around – and keep costs down.