Working in a Digital World

It has become very apparent to me lately that working in a digital world is unlike any other. For instance, right now DDA is planning for a 4-day photo shoot to take place on-location at a medical office and in-studio in front of a green screen. With green screen technology, we can shoot hundreds of images, key out the background, and put the models in any environment imaginable. This is a prime example of how digital workflow has changed everything. We do not have to spend all 4 days on-location building elaborate sets and working tirelessly to make every single detail. Instead, we can digitally create realistic 3D environments that have almost no limitations aside from budgeting. In our digital world, a green room can turn yellow, a couch can become a desk, lighting can be fully controlled, and background angles can always change.

In more extreme instances, and something DDA is currently doing, we can create complete virtual simulations that showcase products, effectively train users, and more. With virtual medical simulations,  medical practitioners can literally perform surgery to learn how to properly use the instruments or deal with specific cases in a safe, risk-free environment. With significant training this way, physicians can learn all the ins and outs before working with patients. How amazing is that?

It’s pretty clear to us, and now many of the clients we  are working with, that our digital world can make the impossible a reality.