Wrapping it Up

It always seems that the end of the work week is also the time to wrap up projects and send them to clients. One of our latest video productions, the documentary/Investigative Reporter, needs to be finalized as much as possible today to send out to the client for review. While we do not need the video to be 100% finished, we need a substantial amount finished for them to review in time. The deadline for the final product is fast approaching and we cannot afford to waste much time.

But much like all projects DDA creates, we work extremely well under tight deadlines. We do whatever we need to do to ensure that we can meet the deadlines of our clients. Typically, prior to the start of any project, we create timelines and dates for the completion of various milestones so that we can be sure we remain on task and on time with the project. So whether it’s web design, graphic design, programming, video, or copywriting, we are able to assure clients of our ability to get work done in a timely fashion.