You Get What You Pay For

In today’s economy, one of the more popular ideas is to outsource work (cheap work) to save big money. We do it with manufacturing and we do it with marketing. Sure, buying services for $7 an hour sounds like an amazing deal – but as always, you get what you pay for. I think this sums it up best: on the cartoon The Simpsons, the town has two doctors. Dr. Hibbert is an accomplished doctor with high accolades, but it costs a good penny to have him treat you – so there’s Dr. Nick, the cheap alternative who received his medical degree from some Hollywood university and uses pizza cutters instead of medical instruments for surgery. Dr. Nick might get the job done, and it’s cheaper to the residents, but at what higher cost are you really paying?

At DDA, we definitely want to be affordable – but we don’t want to sacrifice quality. You can go to the Dr. Nick’s of the marketing world and buy a template, cookie-cutter website for $99, but I doubt you’ll ever be happy with the final product, and I doubt the website will do anything for your company. With DDA, you won’t get the $99 special, but you can get a website actually helps your company grow and expand. If a user can find your website, is encouraged by the materials they see, and contact your company for potential business – isn’t that a much better effort and investment than the site that just sits there and attracts minimal people?

DDA boasts extensive corporate and medical marketing services from website design to search engine optimization to programming to video production, and everything in between. We can help build you a website that not only attracts users, but sells the business for you. You get what you pay for, and with DDA, you get a lot.