If there’s one thing YouTube proves, it’s that video really does work. While most of the videos on YouTube are amateur videos shot with personal cameras and contain poor editing or effects when necessary – there are quite a few that have garnered the attention of millions. Whether it’s a music group dancing on a series of treadmills, an Asian game show dubbed “Human Tetris”, or two kids lip syncing to the Pokemon theme song, these videos are a force to be reckoned with.

It just goes to show you that video is becoming more popular and more important all the time. DDA has long been stressing that point, and sites like YouTube are helping people realize the full potential. Having video integrated with your website garners attention, helps viewers better understand your products or services, and helps push your business ahead of the rest. Not only that, but it shows your business is a leader in technology and advancement. There’s simply no better time to integrate video than right now.