Back At It

From Thanksgiving back in November, through the holidays and New Years, the last month-plus has felt a little disjointed here at Dynamic Digital Advertising. With shorter-than-usual weeks, holiday breaks, and many clients who were taking a much-needed break of their own, we’ve been plugging away here at DDA to wrap up a few projects that are very close to completion.

So now that we’re back in the saddle on a full-time basis, we’re already kicking off new projects for 2009, including the first meeting for a medical CME (continuing medical education) webcast on tap for tomorrow. While we’re all having trouble writing “2009″ on our notepads and task lists, I’m sure that will wear off in the days and weeks to come, making 2009 fly by just as quickly as 2008. Here at DDA, our programmers, graphic designers, copywriters, animators, videographers, and search engine optimization (SEO) specialists will hopefully be plenty busy in 2009, whether it’s creating a virtual trade show, new website development project, high-tech video production, or even a print calendar or brochure.

Elizabeth handed out new calendars this morning, both for our desks and walls. That officially means we’re ready to tackle 2009 head-on. So bring your grandest dreams and most ambitious plans to DDA. Toni will take good care of you, develop a quote, and wow you with our wide array of capabilities. Then our team of talented specialists will turn those dreams into reality, making 2009 the best year ever for your marketing and advertising efforts!