Batman, the Beach, and a Sales Pitch to Dad

I have learned plenty of things during my first month at DDA. In addition to search engine optimized copywriting, keyword research, and project coordination duties, I have also learned how to fill up my new (and still awesome) three-day weekends.

This weekend began with dinner in Center City Thursday night, followed by a midnight showing of The Dark Knight. The movie was incredible, even if the theater couldn’t seem to get the projector working and started it almost 45 minutes late. How it got a PG-13 rating, I’ll never really know, but it was an amazing movie from beginning to (almost) end (it was a little drawn out).

Friday night, I went to my parents’ for free chinese food, and proceeded to beat my mom handily at Wii tennis. Saturday I drove (crawled is more appropriate, thanks to traffic) to the shore to meet up with my wife and a friend’s family. After two stints on the beach, a roller coaster ride, and some fried Oreos (try them, just once — you’ll be as amazed as I was), it was time to come home. All in all, a solid weekend.

The most interesting moment may have come after dinner Friday night at my parents’ house. My dad, who is still trying to grasp what we do here at DDA, fired a few questions my way. He owns a mid-sized car dealership and service center, and said he’s been getting tons of spam e-mails offering “search engine optimization” and “ways to make your website better.” Plus he’s been reading my blog on a regular basis (hi Dad), and is wondering whether it would be worth his while. He already has a website with the basics (contact info, hours, services, used car inventory, etc.), which I actually help him maintain on a part-time basis. But he doesn’t know if SEO copywriting, or search engine marketing services like we offer at DDA, would be worth the investment.

Obviously I’m not a salesman, but I began explaining how it might help his business.  How we could localize his site, using keywords, towns, and cities in the area to draw customers. How a few extra paragraphs on a page could boost his Google ranking. Etc, etc. I’m sure I left out plenty of positives that can come from search engine marketing, but as I learn even more around here, I’m sure my sales pitch will improve.

So no matter what size your business may be, I can guarantee that DDA offers many services that could help improve it. Whether it’s SEO copywriting, CD-ROMs, animations, training videos and courses, photography, video services, or programming, you can find it at DDA.

Maybe this Friday, I’ll bring an official proposal and contract to my parents’ house with the egg rolls and general tso’s chicken.