Busy Day

Every day is different at DDA. So far in my month on the job, I’ve had a wide variety of tasks thrown my way, and that load is only increasing. But today marks just how quickly things move in this industry, and especially here at DDA.

We’ve been working on a site for the newest branch of our company — DDA SEM (Search engine marketing) — and have been trying to get things up and running online as soon as possible. Well after a meeting this morning, it’s officially “GO TIME,” as some like to say in the sports world. That means our designer Carrie will be making a few more tweaks to the layout and preparing the site to go live, while us writers have a list of pages to produce, hopefully by the end of the day.

But rushing never accomplishes anything worthwhile. So while we talked in the meeting about the importance of getting the site rolling and going live, we finished the meeting with a reminder to ourselves to take our time so that we can produce the same quality product we’re used to here at DDA, and the same quality product our clients have grown to love. Because we never sacrifice the quality of our work just to rush our client’s projects along, so we would never want to do it with our own in-house projects.

So if you wandered through the office later today (say, 5:15 p.m.), you’d see more than 20 copywriters, programmers, graphic designers, videographers, and search engine optimization specialists hard at work (most enjoying their traditional Thursday beverage). But you wouldn’t see any of them rushing*, and you’ll never see sub-par work because of it.

*After 6 p.m., I make no promises about rushing. Many will be rushing out the door to begin our customary three-day weekend.