Busy Week & Relaxing Weekend

Despite being a shorter-than-usual week for me at DDA due to my brother’s college graduation, it’s been quite a busy and hectic few days. But for the most part, it’s been very exciting.

Tuesday, I had the pleasure of taking one of our clients to and from the airport, so she could come meet the people who have been working hard on her project. Having not been directly involved in the project, it was great to talk to her and hear just how happy she and her colleagues are with the progress. She couldn’t stop raving about the detailed animations, graphic design, programming, and her overall experience working with DDA. She even said she referred DDA’s services to a friend who was searching for marketing services. Of course, we don’t do what we do just to receive compliments, but it’s always nice to hear!

Yesterday, a few of us ventured out of the office to visit a new client and see their facilities, while also discussing the large project we are going to be working on with them. It was great to get out and see one of our clients in their domain, and meet a whole bunch of smart, interesting people who are working on something that really could make a difference in the medical world. We have a lot still to do for this project, including graphic design, advanced animations, medical simulations, programming, and interactive video. But we are excited to get going and see just what kind of finished product the magicians here at DDA can turn out!

But after a week that has been heavy on the latter half of my copywriter/project coordinator job title, today is all about the former. The reference sites are locked and loaded, content plans and keyword research tools are at the ready, and Microsoft Word is ready for a day of creative copywriting. So now it’s time to hit the keyboard and pull on the headphones, letting some catchy music and maybe this afternoon’s Phillies game provide the appropriate radio background noise (I don’t work well in silence). See you on the other side, where a (hopefully) sunny four-day holiday weekend awaits!