Busy Weekend on the Couch

No, that title doesn’t mean I spent most of my weekend parked on the sofa. It actually was a really busy weekend — but by the time it was over, it had a lot to do with a couch.

On Saturday, Andrea and I made it a priority to run a bunch of errands that we had been putting off, and we began by stopping by a local furnture store after hearing they were having a big sale. We desperately need a new couch after Abby destroyed ours during her early puppy years. Home alone one day, and apparently bored, she put her teeth into the armrest of the couch and actually pulled it all the way across the living room, tearing out the stuffing in the arm as she went. Andrea stitched it up and we made due with a slipcover for a while, but it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

We went to the store with our minds set on a sectional with a cool chaise lounge thing on one side (we had seen it online). After finding two sectionals that we liked (and were really cheap), we went home to measure the room, but it turned out that neither one really would fit in our odd-shaped living room. We made another trip back to the store and were pestered by the same salesman who bugged us the first time, so we left again without making a purchase. Finally, we took my mom back later in the night for another opinion, and ended up with a matching couch and “chair and-a-half” (who knew such a thing existed?)  that will fit much better, and hopefully look great in our living room (I pick them up Friday). Plus, it’s close to the color of Abby’s hair, so her excessive shedding won’t make the couch look too messy.

This kind of thing happens often here at Dynamic Digital Advertising — usually with impressive results. Often, our clients come in with one very specific vision in mind. But after being exposed to our wide variety of services and capabilities — not to mention all the creative minds who work here — they realize that their project can be even more grand than originally planned (it’s a rhyming kind of week). Whether it’s copywriting services, graphic design, advanced programming, animation, video production, or search engine optimization (SEO), there are so many pieces offered here at DDA that you could add useful elements to a project until the cows come home. But, by offering all of these services under one roof, we can help you pick and choose which elements will work best for your project and which pieces will mesh together well. In the end, you may not have the exact piece of furniture you pictured at the beginning, but you’ll have something that fits your needs even better than you had planned.

For now, it’s time to get back to work, so I can finish everything that needs to be done before I spend the long holiday weekend lounging on my brand new couch.