Cameras on Kites

Photography has always been an interest of mine. By no means am I a professional photographer, or anywhere close. But in high school, I took a photography class, and found out I was pretty decent at it (unlike my other art skills). I even won first place in a high school art show for a photo I took of a pool table with cool lighting and shadows (I know you’re impressed).

When Andrea and I went to Greece in April for our honeymoon, I made sure to take lots and lots of pictures, and often went out of my way to set up good shots so we could remember the trip. And in my prior jobs as a newspaper editor and designer, it was my job to choose the best photos for each story and decide the best way to use those photos. So I consider myself a decent judge of good photography.

So when a friend sent me a link to the photo below, I was blown away:


It’s hard to see there, but if you go to the site ( you can see a larger version. Apparently, this man was kite surfing — which is kind of a cross between hang gliding and surfing — and happened to surf over top of a huge whale. He stayed upright for a moment, but was later slapped off the board by the whale’s tail.

Immediately, I wondered how in the heck this photo was taken. It turns out that the man had a camera mounted on the underside of his kite, and it just so happened to snap a photo at the perfect time. I found it incredible, and it makes for an amazing photograph.

At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we take amazing photographs all the time. Our photographers are part of a digital photography studio that was the first in Pennsylvania, and specialize in all kinds of photography, from product photography to live model photography, on-location photography, and photo manipulation. We may not hang our cameras from the underside of kites, but, if that’s what you want, I’m sure Andrew will be willing to not only mount a camera for you, but maybe even hang up there himself to take the best possible picture.

We do anything for our customers here at DDA. Although walking past Indie is as close as we usually get to wild animals — so we might charge extra for interaction with whales.