Choices, Choices

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for me to talk about what I did this weekend, then somehow tie it into life here at DDA. Ready? GO!

Yesterday, after a nice brunch for my grandfather’s birthday, my wife and I were faced with a decision for a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Option #1 — seeing a movie — was quickly tossed because the weather was just too nice to be sitting in a movie theatre. Option #2 involved heading home to change before meeting my mom to sit by the pool all day at her swim club. This was much more appealing, since it inolved the outdoors and sunshine. But once we got home, we came up with a third option that proved most appealing, and was the perfect choice.

We stopped by Target and snagged  a cheap, inflatable backyard pool, then set it up out back and let the hose run. While the dog enjoyed her new pool (which she treated as the world’s largest dog bowl) and wore herself out, we relaxed in our own backyard and played cards (I lost three straight games of 500 Rummy). It involved no driving, no real planning, and proved to be the perfect relaxing afternoon we were looking for. With friends visiting from out of town this upcoming weekend, and plenty of entertaining to do, it was nice to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun.

Here at DDA, we offer our clients choices at every step along the way. From the initial proposal — which Toni and David work and re-work until it meets all the clients needs and avoids any unnecessary excess — all the way through the process, we make sure to keep our clients in the loop regarding their projects. We usually offer at least three design concepts for every website, print project, or logo, and even offer a variety of levels within our SureThing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program. And at each milestone along the way, the client always has the choice to mage suggestions, revisions, or even voice their displeasure with a specific area of the project. That’s OK, we have thick skin, we can take it. Constructive criticism is important to us, and critical to the final product.

So as I adjust to life back indoors at DDA, remember to make the right choice for your marketing and advertising materials. Contact DDA today!