Colorful Medical Information

As I have mentioned in prior blogs –before coming to DDA, I worked as a writer, reporter, and editor in the newspaper industry. While the writing, reporting, and copyediting transfer very well to what I do here at DDA as a creative copywriter and project coordinator, I also had one major responsibility at both of my newspaper stops that I haven’t been able to use much here at DDA.

It’s hard to explain exactly what I did on a nightly basis in just a few words. By no means was I a graphic designer — which I am reminded of nearly every day here at DDA when I see the amazing concepts Judy and Carrie create for our clients, whether it’s logo design, website design, or any of our other design services. I can’t do what they do, and am not nearly as creative in that respect, but I did do plenty of rudimentary design on a nightly basis as I laid out pages, edited photos, wrote headlines, and created eye-catching front-page designs.

Sometimes, I would be handed a strong feature story with great photographs to go with it, and was given free reign to do with it as I pleased. And if it was a slow night at the office, I could take the time to really flesh out an idea and even create a few basic graphic elements in my head.

Sometimes, I was amazingly happy with the finished product, such as when my colleague wrote a heartfelt column about baseball and his childhood, and I grouped it with old photos of him scattered on a table with a baseball and bat. I even added some Photoshop tinting to make the photos look old and gray. But other times, I would grab a paper the next morning and immediately throw it away. That’s the benefit and curse of the newspaper business. You usually get one night to do something, and not enough time to decide if it’s good or bad.

So it was a nice change of pace last Thursday when I was brought into a meeting about a new version of the DDA Medical site, which has been in the design stage for a few weeks. I got the chance to look at it as a new visitor would, since I hadn’t seen it before. As usual, the design and concept were incredible, but I was able to suggest one small change that everyone seemed to like. Hopefully, my very basic eye for design provided a small tweak that will further improve what already promised to be an amazing and informative site.

At DDA, we all have different talent, which is what helps us create such amazing projects for our clients, including medical and corporate website design, healthcare IT applications, custom programming, and full-scale video production. Occassionaly, some of us get to use the talents that aren’t in our job description to help the cause. And that makes for a unique advertising and marketing company that can create anything you could possibly dream up.