Combining the Old and the New

This week, for the first time in a long time, a book was released that will likely cause me to take a special trip to the bookstore: The Beckham Experiement, by Sports Illustrated writer Grant Wahl. The book examines all the circumstances surrounding the arrival of soccer star David Beckham in the United States. Even if you’re not a soccer or sports fan, you know about Beckham (and his wife Posh Spice), and were aware of his surprising decision to come play soccer in the United States. I’m a huge soccer fan, and a huge fan of well-written, well-reported sports journalism. So, this book is right up my alley, and apparently paints Beckham in a very negative light, thanks to months and months and months of reporting by the author.

But now that I am involved in marketing and advertising here at DDA, I have also taken special notice of the many marketing and advertising strategies leading up to yesterday’s release of the book. Over the last month, the author and publisher have utilized all the traditional marketing strategies for a new book, including television interviews, radio interviews, and an extended excerpt that ran in Sports Illustrated last month. But I have been very intrigued by the way they have used some non-tradtitional and new-age media to promote the book.

The book is being marketing to two very specific audiences: The die-hard soccer fan, and the general American sports fan who knows David Beckham and is in the market for a good summer read. The general fan watches ESPN and reads the newspaper. But the die-hard fan does much more than that, visiting soccer-specific message boards, reading numerous online blogs, and even downloading dedicated soccer podcasts. The book’s author has been ALL OVER these outlets over the last few weeks, doing countless interviews with bloggers and appearing on radio shows and podcasts. Advanced copies were even sent to respected bloggers and radio hosts last month, creating a serious buzz in this niche market. Judging by early reports, it seems that all that work has paid off, as the book is flying off the shelves.

It creates an interesting paradox — promoting an old-school medium like a book by using new technology like social networks, blogs, and podcasts. When I look at the entire marketing strategy, it seems like it could have been devised by DDA!

Here at DDA, we have all the tools necessary to do everything old and everything new. Whether you need traditional marketing materials such as brochures, trade show displays, or other printed products; or you’re in the market for an interactive website experience, integrated training video, or even an online virtual trade show, DDA has the expertise to get it done. And because everything is done under one roof, by a diverse group of professionals, you are guaranteed a cohesive and comprehensive marketing campaign. This means no single marketing strategy will overlap with another, and each piece will dovetail perfectly with the other pieces. Your printed brochure will match the design of your website, your virtual trade show can mimic your on-site trade show displays, and your animated training tools will be well-branded with the logo that we designed on your behalf.

At DDA, we push the envelope when it comes to new marketing strategies, but we understand that there will always be a place for traditional marketing materials. Contact us today!