Coming Back for More

My first DDA three-day weekend is now history, to be followed by a three-day week and a four-day weekend (thanks, founding fathers!). It was a busy — and hot — weekend from beginning to end. I followed a solid round of golf on Friday with a not-so-solid round on Sunday, and helped a friend move on Saturday from one side of the block in Philadelphia to the other. Fortunately her new place has central air, which made carrying beds and dressers (who makes a dresser with drawers that don’t come out?) a little more bearable. The promise of free dinner coming up this week didn’t hurt either.

With my second week kicking off, my drive into work this morning was a little different than last Monday. Last week, I spent most of my 30-minute commute filled with nervous energy that comes with the first day of a new job (not to mention marveling at what 7:15 a.m. actually feels like). But today was different. After making good enough time to afford a stop at Wawa (32 oz. iced coffee = Monday lifesaver), I realized I actually had a day’s worth of tasks to complete, including some search engine optimized copywriting, advertising copywriting, online research, and proofreading. So instead of killing time until Laura or another writer gave me something to do, I actually dove right into some copywriting for a new website that I’m handling while Elise is enjoying the wildfires of Northern California (hopefully from a safe distance).

As I started working, I began to realize what a juggling act this job will eventually become. Every morning, we send our colleagues a “daily task list” detailing what we have on our plates. At the top, we rate our daily and weekly workloads on a scale from 1 to 5. Mine is still a “1″ on both counts, but between my few tasks, my blog, and bagel Monday, I have plenty to keep myself busy this morning (including setting up a much-appreciated new desk fan courtesy of David and Elizabeth).

Maybe I can even help some of the other writers with anything they need, too. Because as their task lists roll into my inbox, I see plenty of 4s and 5s. Numbers I’m sure I’ll be using myself on the Mondays to come.