Countdown to Launch

If you’ve taken even a cursory glance at the DDA website, you know that we do a lot of website design and development projects. Some of them take an exceptionally long time to develop, while others come together rather quickly. No matter whether it’s a 10-page or 100-page website, we here at DDA get excited whenever a new website project is within a few clicks of full-scale launch.

Our graphic designers, programmers, animators, videographers, and everyone involved in the project shares the same excitement. But I have to say that up here in the copywriters’ corner, us project coordinators may be the happiest when a new website is ready to launch. You see, for many new websites, the project coordinator is the one person who has been in tune with the project at every single step along the way. From the initial design meeting, to content development, programming, build out, revisions, and final quality assurance, the project coordinators relate to the client nearly every day, and can see just how all the pieces have come together.

With a major website project launching today (hopefully), we all chip in to make the final steps as seamless as possible. We try not to make mistakes along the way, of course, but we are sure to take the time to proofread and test every single page of a new website before making it live on the Internet. That involves re-reading every word, checking every link, testing every Flash animation, and trying out every login box. If it’s a site that includes a login or password, we even test things that are often missed, like the “Forgot Password” link, to see if we get the automated email with a password reminder.

A few of us have been testing and proofing a new site this afternoon. Now, some of the experts downstairs are making the final tweaks before we flip the switch and provide this client with a brand new site. This is old hat to us here at DDA, since we have years and years of experience with website design and development. But whenever we launch a new site, we still take a moment to step back and see the site as in impartial observer.

But then, it’s back to work on another site, and hopefully another successful launch in the coming weeks.