Countdown to Launch

As the days tick away, we are getting closer and closer to launching a large corporate website for a client that has been in the works for many, many months. The site is heavy on very technical content about roofing, high-tech coatings, and other applications for the company’s products (including one on the space shuttle and another on a nuclear submarine).

A few months back, the site was nothing more than a design concept, a proposed menu, and a few pages of search engine optimized content. Today, it is a fully functional “proof” site, with the final pages of content being reviewed and approved as we speak. But now, as launch approaches, we are presented with a few things that were once in the “we’ll take care of that when the time comes” category.

That time has come. So now we’re ironing out a few minor revisions to wording on the menu, adding some photographs here and there, modifying a link, adding a contact form, changing fonts, etc. At DDA, we’re old pros at this sort of thing. I’ve noticed from a few clients that as launch approaches, they seem to get nervous about how long it will take the finished product to go live on the Internet. What was once a collection of abstract ideas is now becoming a real thing, and the perception is often along the lines of “How is this going to get done, I haven’t seen anything yet other than Word documents and Photoshop files!”

All I can say to that is, “Take a deep breath,” DDA has it under control. The copywriters are putting the finishing touches on the content, our graphic designers are tweaking the layout and building out completed pages, and our Director of Interactive Media is doing whatever it is he does to make sites work (Mick’s mysterious like that). Once we provide the client with a link to see the progress we’ve made, those fears are usually eased — and they were in this case. Now we’re down to addressing a short list of suggestions from the client, waiting for a few elements he must still provide, and then testing and proofing.

The countdown to launch has reached its final stages. And no matter whether you utilize our medical website design and development capabilities, need a new healthcare IT application, or ask us to tackle a corporate website like this one, you are in good hands at DDA. With our experienced graphic designers, copywriters, animators, videographers, and project coordinators on the case, you can rest easily knowing that launch will go off without a hitch.