Counting on Technology

We all count on technology these days. We expect our cell phone to always work, our Internet to always be speedy, and our car to not only run smoothly, but also pick up clear satellite radio signals. But we also have to remember that humans still create and manage this technology, and sometimes, there are problems.

Earlier today, many DDAers began murmuring about problems with our email. So we all called downstairs to bug Tyler, our resident email guru. But after a few minutes, we began seeing other problems that all had one major connection: Google. Our email runs through Google, as does the email for many of our clients. We all use basic Google search for research and assistance, and some of us use a Google tool to help with keyword research for search engine optimization. For about an hour or so earlier today, all of it appeared to be down, or VERY slow.

For a small business, losing a website for an hour wouldn’t be too big a deal. But when it’s Google, it creates panic all over the world. As has been said many times, “You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.” Everything seems to be running smoothly now, and a worldwide Google crisis has been averted. Google is always very good at communicating with users, so I’m sure we’ll learn further details about this little hiccup sometime later today.

It reminded me of a page I just finished writing for our new DDA Medical site. The page discussed all of DDA Medical’s services and capabilities, both in traditional and interactive marketing. Fancy new websites and interactive healthcare IT portals are great, but there will ALWAYS be a place for more traditional marketing efforts, like brochures, sell sheets, and trade show booths and displays. When you hand someone a brochure, you don’t have to worry about web crashes or Internet breakdowns.

Here at DDA and DDA Medical, we have experience with every type of marketing and advertising service. From the simplest business cards and brochures to the most complex websites, interactive virtual trade shows, and search engine optimization (SEO), DDA does it all!