DDA Video in Maryland

DDA Video is back in town after making a trip to Maryland last week. Being an outdoor production, we were a bit worried about the weather since our Monday shoot was canceled due to rain. Fortunately, mother nature was on our side, providing us with beautiful blue skies and a wonderful refreshing breeze. Over the course of the three days we were away, we shot about  6-7  hours worth of high definition footage. From lead remediation to front door installation to custom siding replacement, we were able to capture highly skilled craftsmen undergoing a multitude of intricate installation processes. They were so confident in what they do, Andrew and I had to ask them to slow down so we can capture it on tape!

Now that we are back at DDA Studios, our talented team of copywriters and video editors will creatively collaborate as we head into post production. After reviewing the footage, it seems as though we have plenty of coverage including multiple takes with various angles, pans, tilts, and zooms. This assortment of footage gives us plenty of freedom as we assemble all of the elements together in a few 3-4 minute promotional videos for use on the client’s website and in their showroom. If you’re lucky enough, you might even find it in our video portfolio in the near future!