Deadlines and the P-word

Hopefully, if the rain and snow stay away later tonight, the Phillies might be able to celebrate their first World Series title in 28 years and just the second in the 125-year history of the team. And if they can score more runs than the Tampa Bay Rays in the 3 1/2 innings needed to finish a rained-out Game 5, we can officially start talking about the “P-word.” As I said yesterday, I can’t actually say the “P-word” for fear of jinxing everything, but Macy’s sponsors one every Thanksgiving Day in New York City, if that helps. This one would probably be Friday, or sometime this weekend, down Broad Street in Philadelphia. And if it happens, I will be there with about 2 million other maniacs.

Waiting to resume Monday’s game has been unbearable for fans in Philadelphia. For me, it has felt like an eternity, I just want to see baseball already! But when I’m at my desk at Dynamic Digital Advertising, things are flying by at supersonic speed, at least when it comes to one current project.

This new website project is on a very tight timeline, and we have a deadline to hit just a few short weeks from now. Amy and our programmers are plugging away on a detailed system that will allow users to input information, search, upload videos, make contacts, and much, much more. Our lead graphic designer, Carrie, has been churning out website designs for all aspects of the site, including two more today. Our do-it-all programmer and tech guru Tyler has already installed an email system, and even our animators and videographers are getting in on the act. It truly is an all-out team effort that is testing our communication and efficiency, and so far, things seem to be going great.

As emails and phone calls fly back and forth internally and to and from our great new client, the project is really coming together. Just a few weeks ago, we sat in a meeting and said, “wow, that sounds like a great idea, we can do that.” Now, we have concrete designs to show our clients, line after line of programming that I don’t even pretend to understand, and a light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, we never rush through things so quickly that the final product suffers, but our talented team is able to combine speed with style and substance to create something that will serve as the cornerstone for this new business for years to come. That deadline sure is coming up fast, but we know we will be able to hit it.

Now if only tonight’s game would arrive just as quickly! It might help replace the nervous pit in my stomach with excited energy!