Different Goals, Same Result

Here at DDA, we’re exposed to a huge variety of different clients. We are pleased to count everything from small mom-and-pop startups to huge medical device manufacturers among our list of clients (the actual physical list of clients we maintain in our office is currently undergoing an exciting update and overhaul!). My task list today presented the perfect example of the variety we deal with every day, especially when it comes to website design and development!

Right now, my main writing assignment is for an affiliate of one of our largest clients. This client has a network of nationwide affiliates, each of which covers a specific geographic area. Numerous affiliates are already online, but a new one is joining the fray, and it needs a whole bunch of new, original content to match the other regions. This task will take some time, but judging by the success the other affiliates have found with our search engine optimized sites, the investment for this affiliate will be well worth it!

In contrast, I spent some time today proofing a new website we’re buliding for an emergency department at a well-known New York City  hospital. We went to the Big Apple a few months ago to film a video for the site, and are nearly ready to launch the entire site, video included! It is a relatively small and straightforward site, but it looks great!

Obviously, these two sites have very different goals. The first one is trying to sell its product, while the hospital is simply trying to portray a strong public image. Obviously, if your arm is broken, you’re not going to use Google to find the emergency room with the best looking website. Therefore, search engine optimization and some of the other techniques we use to help build traffic aren’t really necessary for the hospital site.

Here at DDA, we have the versatility and flexibility to handle projects of all shapes and sizes. And every day presents an exciting new combination of projects on my list. No matter what kind of business you have — big or small — you can count on DDA to handle all your marketing and advertising needs!