Do it? Or Do it Right?

When we first moved into our house, I knew we needed a new front door, but it became an even bigger need a few months ago when the screen and glass fell out. And I’m tired of killing mosquitoes just so I can leave the door open.So, after trying unsuccessfully to coax a few relatives to do it, we stopped into one of the two home improvement superstores two weekends ago and spoke to someone about installation options. He signed us up for a quick estimate, and a friendly contractor stopped by Friday morning to measure everything. This is where I have to mention that our 100-and-some-year-old house doesn’t have a normal doorway. Instead of a storm door and entry door that are part of the same frame, our two doors are about 2 feet apart. That’s not all that’s weird about it.  While the storm door is standard height, the main door is nearly a foot taller. I have no idea how or why this happened, but the contractor explained my options in very simple terms.

  • Keep things the way they are, pay a crazy price for a large special-order door, and deal with the strange setup.
  • Allow him to build the inside down so the door heights match, and pay regular price for a standard entry door and standard storm door.

As it turned out, the extra labor and materials involved in option #2 were MUCH cheaper than a large special order door. The contractor called yesterday with the quote, and said we could stop in at any time to pick out our doors. Hopefully soon, the bill will be in my parents’ lap (the new door was a birthday/Christmas/maybe-next-birthday present), and I’ll have a shiny new door on my house.

This project reminded me how important it is to do something right, instead of just getting it done. I could have lived with the strange dimensions, and maybe even gotten my wife’s uncle to rig it up so I didn’t need the extra large door. But it’s a much better idea to just let the professionals do what they do best, and make sure it’s done right.

That’s the mantra we live by here at DDA, especially when it comes to website design and development. Sure, you could find some web developer who could slap your name and logo onto a template, toss in a link to Mapquest directions, and call it a day. A few people might stumble across your site, but they would probably be current customers who happened to know your name, instead of prospective clients who could grow your business.

At DDA, we insist on building your new website from the ground up. Whether it’s your first site, or you’re replacing an outdated one, the team at DDA will work closely with you to create a finished product you can be proud of. Our graphic designers will create a perfect eye-catching design that creates a strong identity. Our copywriters can develop search engine optimized content that not only informs visitors, but also attracts them via the Internet’s most popular search engines. Our programmers can add in complex database and back-office systems, while our animators and video specialists can make your site stand out with 3D animation, Flash animation, or integrated video.

At DDA, we don’t just do it — we do it right.